May 18 at Gulfstream


These pick 6’s are easy. Back to back days of hitting the Rainbow 6 in the blog. Obviously so just kidding. As soon as you think making money at the track is easy, you will lose. I find when you get on a nice winning streak you should work a little harder to try and keep it going. The confidence is there and you are seeing everything quite well, so keep doing the work and take advantage of the streak.

Okay that was my rant of the day. Today is a new day.

Gulfstream Park Race#3 Post time 2:27 eastern

Race#3 The 2 is the most consistent runner sitting on a win with a nice work and top figure at seven furlongs. The 6 has a small shot but still needs to improve a little to win, but certainly can.

Race#4 My least favorite race in the sequence. Lots of speed that will probably quit. The jockey that can rate their horse a little will win. Contenders 4,6,7,9,10 or simply take all

Race#5 The 4 has the speed and think this field is much easier than the race he faced at Kee. If you do not key then you will need a few

Race#6 Not an easy race to figure out because these horses are all in and out types that run one good and then one bad. I am looking towards the 7,8,9 to win it

Race#7 A small field with a few contenders. The 3,4 are the most likely winners with a slight lean towards the 3 because he has been working steadily towards this race and will get a nice stalking trip

Race#8 No solid plays in here but the field can be reduced to the 7,8,9,10. My choice would be the 7 if I had to pick one.

Only a small ticket today but here is a ticket I will play:
2/4,6,7,8,9,10/4/7,8,9/3,4/7,8,9,10    cost:$28.80

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    1. Stretch Post author

      Thanks Bill. I do actually play all my tickets I post. I figure if I am giving out a ticket I better be playing it myself. I do have a friend that we pool our money together on the pick 6s and we play them together. Our goal is to build up the winnings for May 26th. Hope to be in the finals too.

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