May 29th at Pimlico


Let’s start the weekend off right by hitting the Pick 5 at Pimlico. There is a small carry over of $7,600. It is very playable today.

Pimlico Race#5 Pick 5    Post time : 3:02pm eastern

Race#5 This race is not as easy as you think. The big favourite will be the 1, is a must use, but not a single. Do not get caught up on the “Checked” comment in the form, it wasn’t that bad. If the two can handle the layoff he has a shot to win. The 8 is my big longshot that does have a few races in there to upset.

Race#6 There will be another big favourite, the 4 and another race I will not key. Looks good on paper but has no workouts in over a month. Do not like that sign. The 7 is the one I like best. Will be closing late and has a nice couple of works coming in. The 6 will try and steal it, so I will use him too.

Race#7 The toughest race in the sequence, so many unknowns. The 9 has been working well on the turf. The 2,6 will be the speed early. The 3 interests me with the right running style, so he is a must use.

Race#8 Has two strong contenders, the 2,5. The 5 should stalk just off the 4 and get the lead on the turn, the 2 will make her run late. It all depends how much the 5 uses early will determine who wins.

Race#9 The race goes through the 2. Makes the needed drop to win. Should go to the lead and win. Others if you wanted to play a saver ticket would be the 7,11.  I certainly will be playing a 2-7 exacta

Ticket I am playing: 1,2,5,8/2,6,7/2,3,6,9/2,5/2    Cost: $48

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