May 30th at Santa Anita


I thought I would give Santa Anita a shot today. Obviously it is that much tougher when you have a $2.00 minimum bet instead of a 20 cent minimum. I will still give my same analysis with horses that I think you need, but will use less in each race or play a pick 3 with the outsiders.

Here are my thoughts on the sequence

Post time 6:00pm eastern

Santa Anita Race#3 There is a bunch of speed that can’t make a mile. The plotters in the field with a shot are the 6,8. If the 4 can stalk a little he can win

Race#4 The 6 is my choice and has back class on the turf. To keep it cheap I may key. The others are the 3,5. It should be one of those three

Race#5 With the two scratches the 5 looks like it is her race to lose. If you do not key you need a bunch. I am not taking a bunch.

Race#6 Good competitive race with talent. The 6,8 will be the co favorites and will be tough to beat. The only other one I am looking at is the 4. Looks ready for a big effort but the top two need to falter for her to win

Race#7 My least favorite in the sequence and not a lot of help in here. 1,2 have the figures and have won multiple times. If you key a few other legs, hit the all button.

Race#8 Only two horses in here.4,6. After those two it is wide open. 4 goes to the lead and the 6 will try and run him down. I always like taking two horses with opposite running styles.

Here is my ticket for today:  4,6,8/6/5/6,8/1,2/4,6      Cost: $48.00

I think for the most part will be very chalking.  A $5,000-$15,000 payout expected.

Good luck everyone

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