May 31th pick 5 carry overs


There is no less than three pick 5 carry overs today. I am going to wait for the scratches and go over the various cards first and then give out the best sequence of races I feel I have the best chance to cash.

Tracks with the carry overs:   Calder, Delaware, Arlington

Starting with Calder today

Race#4 The race goes through the 4. Her race to lose. Controlling speed. She loses it will be from a closer

Race#5 The main contenders are the 2,3. I like the 3 if I had to chose. IF they run the race to form and do not hook up then its only 2,3. If they knock heads then the 4,7 could upset.

Race#6 This is tougher than it looks race. There are some throw outs that do not belong. The list of contenders are 2,6,11 with longshots that have a shot are the 3,8

Race#7 The class of the race is the 2. A sleeper with a shot is the 9, he should be flying late at a nice price.

Race#8 The 4 needs to be half right and he wins, if not look for a price. Sleeper with a shot is the 7.

Here is a small ticket:  4/2,3/2,3,6,8/2,9/4,7   cost: $16.00

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