May 8th at Pimlico


After a bit of a break I will be posting much more regularly, especially with the highest amount of tracks racing throughout the year. There should be a regular list of carry overs now. The key though is knowing which ones to play and which ones to pass.

Today it is all about the pick 5 at Pimlico.

Race#5 Pimlico pick 5    Post time:  3:02 pm eastern

Race#5 The 6 figures to be very tough. Last effort was solid. The 6 should stalk just off the speed of the 7. If the 6,7 hook it could set up for the 2,4. 7 could steal it if the 6 sits to far back

Race#6 Not a talented group, this is where a longshot could show up. The obvious horses that run a little at times are the 5,6. After the 5,6 it is an all leg.

Race#7 A good turf field. The 4 is a consistent closer with good figures. The trainer did enter him in a small stakes and then scratched him. The 9 could be the favourite and has the talent but the race might be to short for him. A longshot if you are spreading is the 6.

Race#8 The 6 is the horse I like off the layoff. I really like is last race, its a better than it looks on paper. The 5 is the early pace horse and could steal it. The 2 is the obvious horse and can win, but won’t key him.

Race#9 Tough race to finish the sequence. The 4 has the running style and the back class to win, so is a must use.  The 9 has won at this distance and if the pace stops she can win again. The 7 is a longshot that like the distance and could upset at a price.

Here are two tickets:   6/5,6/4,6,9/2,5,6/4,7,9      cost $27.00
2,4,7/5,6/4,6,9/6/4,7,9     cost $27.00

Good luck.

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