November 15

I have been waiting for the Golden Gate Pick 6  carryover all week. There is over $32,000 of dead money and should be well over $100,000 up for grabs today. Today’s card is a great card if you
want to take a small shot because there is a potential of some keys that go along with some
small fields

Golden Gate Race#3 Post time 3:46pm central

Race#3 Well we start off with the toughest race in the sequence. There are seven horses in the
race and I would say six of them have a shot. I am not a lot of help in this one. I can say I do not
trust the 3 as the favorite to win and probably will be over bet. Main horses I will use are 1,3,4,6

Race#4 A much more straight forward race. 2 is my mostly likely key and if has any pace to run at, wins. Only other horse is the 3, if can slow it down can steal it

Race#5 2 is my key and possibly many others. Anywhere close to her last race wins handily, but
a bottom maiden is a bottom maiden and possible repeat effort is not always the case. After the
2 I need many so not even playing a saver on this race

Race#6 Another turf race, I feel 2 and 6 are the most likely winners and will use them most. The
2 is the controlling pace and the 6 is your closer. Outsiders are 3,7,8

Race#7 Is a tricky key but the conditions of the race fit perfectly for the horse and is clearly the
class. 5 will be another key in my sequence. Possible upset horse would be 1

Race#8 This is simple the 6 will be 1st or last and nothing in between. I can’t key the horse but I will use him. 4 is my closer that has the closing kick, unfortunately is a bit of a losing type horse.
Outsiders 2,5,7

Taking a stand in a few races and taking a couple in a few others I think gives you a decent shot
to hit. Today’s pick 6 can come back very chalky and pay $1,000 or not even get hit if the obvious keys don’t win.

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