November 16th at Del Mar


You may have thought I would post a play yesterday at Del Mar, but I thought is was impossible so I didn’t even think it was worth it. Well by saving up for this huge pick 6 pool today, I can take a bigger shot. Still tricky sequence but there are a few horses to take a shot with, especially when there will be over $3,000,000 up for grabs.

Del Mar Race#4 Pick 6 Post time 5:00pm eastern

Race#4 The 1,2 are the obvious horses but if they hook up early it makes the race impossible. 2 is game at times and if give a little breather early wins. The 5,7 are the closers but need a big duel early to have a chance

Race#5 The 10 horse should be the favourite and has the figures to win. The problem is he is in the 10 post and only going 5.5 furlongs. Very tough to win out there. I have to key somewhere and if I don’t key here I need a bunch. Yes a little weak of a key, but my thought is if I miss this one I can still get five of 6 by spreading elsewhere. Fridge players to use in a pick three or saver tickets would be 2,8,9

Race#6 There is a fair amount of cheap speed in here that should set it up for the closers. The 7 has a huge jockey change and should get a great trip. If the 8 can stalk a little will get the jump and could upset and a big price. The 3 has run well at Del Mar and has a small shot too.

Race#7 Depending on budget this race determines how deep you want to go. The 9 will go as fast and as far as she can go, not trust worthy but a must use. The 2 has a nice workout pattern and certainly could win a weak field I think. The 3 interests me with the trainer change and solid last two works, would have like to see the works at Del Mar though.

Race#8 The 1 is the distance expert and is a must use. Will need a bit of a break to get a clean trip. The 5,6,8 have the turf figures to be contenders that certainly can win.

Race#9 Once again a tough race to end the sequence. The 8 had a decent 1st out race but will need to improve if any of the first timers can run. The 1 would be my horse to take a shot with based on a trainer good first out and has nice works coming in.

Here is a small ticket I am playing:  1/10/2,3,9/7/1,5,6,8/1,8    Cost: $48.00

Good luck everyone, like to hear someone hit it today.


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