November 23

A couple of pick 5s available to be won today with some dead money. Golden Gate with over $25,000 and Mountaineer over $12,000 waiting to be one.

Golden Gate Race#5 Post time 4:49 central

I wish I could say I like the sequence a bunch and am very confident, but I can’t. I will play a small ticket with caution

Race#5 3,9 have the trainers and are the two horses I am going to use. Only the 1st lifetime line on the 3 interests me and only because the trainer is solid I would even consider her. The works on the 9 say the horse is ready. The rest of the horses are barely race horses

Race#6 Is the toughest of the sequence I think. It is wide open. 3,5,6,8 are my main horses with 1,2 as the sleepers. On any given day most of these have a shot.

Race#7 I do like this race to bet on its own because I think the 6 won’t win and will be over bet. He seems to be a need the lead horse and he shouldn’t get it if race run accordingly to form. My longshot of the day is the 3, has the closing numbers is the race sets up for him. If the 2 can out sprint early and settle him down, may be able to steel it. My other longshot closer is the 12

Race#8 5 horse is highly touted and will be bet right down and is a must use but not a key. The 7 is the stalker with a real nice 1st race and the 10 is the speed that could steel it

Race#9 I think only 3 horses can win this race 1,6,8 and my preference is the 8 if she does not hang. 6 is the speed but is always bet way down and hoping for an early duel to set it up for 8 and 1.

Like I said a little tricky but gettable.


Mountaineer Race#1 Post time 6:00pm

After looking at the sequence I could barely find a horse I like and not even enough to key. I think all favourites are vulnerable and I expect a huge payout if hit today. This is a pass for me, but I will play a few of the races individually because of the expect big payoffs with the favourites out.

Good luck everyone

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