Oct. 13th at Fresno


You are probably asking yourself, “Why would he pick this track?” Obviously there is a carry over and it is mandatory payout day in the pick 6 and hi 5. With the pick 6 the 20 cents, it become very playable for all.

Fresno Race#3 Post time 5:35pm eastern

Race#3 The 1 will be the big favourite, but is far from trustworthy. The 5 and 6 have very small up sides to possibly upset. By default the 1 probably will win.

Race#4 The 4 is the speed in a pace less race and should win. The 3 is dropping in class that has a small shot and should be used. The 9 is also dropping  but for me is  a bet against, no work and a drop is not a good sign.

Race#5 The 3 is my sleeper. Two very good works and comes out of a key race, was months ago though. The 5 has the figures and the works to set up for a top effort, similar to the 8. A wide open race.

Race#6 Is an interesting race. The 8 did get a very good trip with a speed duel to set him up. The 7 had an even better trip. If another speed battle occurs then it will be the 8. The 1 the stretch out speed that can upset at a price.

Race#7 The race goes through the 4, his race to lose. Drops after a claim but is Martin so not concerned. The other is the 1. Is a better horse on the dirt. Only need the 1,4

Race#8 Another weak field. The 9 is the favorite but is not special or keyable The 3 is the horse I like, has a huge work and her best effort is on the dirt, not poly. Others that are longshots are the 1,4 for various reasons.

Here is a possible ticket:  1/4/3,5,6,8/1,2,7,8/1,4/1,3,4,9
Other tickets I will key the 3 in the 8th and use the outsiders in the first two legs.

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