Oct. 16th at Belmont


Normally pick 6 tickets for the $2.00 can get to big to play a solid ticket, but today at the “Sloppy, off the Turf day” at Belmont I thought you could play a small ticket and have a very good chance to cash. Almost $100,000 already in the pool

Belmont Race#4 Post time 2:23pm eastern

The sequence starts off tricky but finishes quite straight forward. You just need to survive the first three legs

Race#4 Not an easy first leg. It is a bit of a guess, will start with the 3,10 because they were entered to come off the turn. The 10 has a few nice angles, including 2nd start and a good work. The sleeper at a price is the 2, the dirt race was a monster race to be in and at least ran evenly. Similar the 8 in a tough race with a nice work and 2nd start.

Race#5 The 5 has the figures but is a plotter, needs to be used but can be trusted. If the 3 can run on the dirt at all she can win. Interesting claim on the 8 and only one start, using her and the 1.

Race#6 Going with three different types of running styles in this one. The 3,5,7, speed, stalker, closer. Should survive this leg. Most likely winner is the 3

Race#7 The drop makes the 8 look best, BUT I really do not like the workout pattern coming in. Is the controlling speed, if right wins. That being said, seems the 8 is no morning glory. If you do not key him, you probably need 2,5,6

Race#8  This race off the turf set up perfectly for the 8. Would be very surprised if she lost.

Race#9 The 9 is not a standout like the 8 in the 8th race but should be tough to beat. Again entered for the dirt and is getting the dirt. Many others that are first timers were more than likely entering for it to stay on the turf. If you were looking for an upset I would look to the 1,12

Ticket that will be played:  2,3,8,10/1,3,5,8/3,5,7/8/8/9

Suggestion is play a few late pick 4s taking more horses in the key legs because if the keys lose the payout on the pick 4 easily covers your pick 6


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