Oct 19

It is always a good day when a plan comes together. If you read yesterday’s blog, my plan was to play the pick 5 at Meadowlands and
hope for a carryover at Santa Anita. Well we hit the pick 5 and we got
the carryover at Santa Anita. I hope a few other got the pick 5 too, it paid huge for such a straight forward sequence.

Enough of the past, now on to today. There are two carryovers of interest, Keeneland’s pick 5 and Santa Anita’s pick 6. I have scanned both sequences and even though its only a 50 cent bet I am not going to even attempt to give out a ticket. I could try and take a stand but with the field size in each leg you need a lot of luck.

Santa Anita is also a little tricky but there is a big key in the first leg and
then you can spread out in a few other legs to take a shot.

I will post an analysis around 1:00pm central once I get the scratches.

If someone has some strong thoughts for Keeneland, send them in and
begin a discussion.

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