October 10th

If you follow horse racing you clearly know about today’s carryover at Santa Anita for their pick 6 that will probably get to three million today in the pool. I certainly will focus on this one today, but on a side note there is a nice little carryover at Hawthorne for their pick 4 that is very playable.

Santa Anita Pick 6  Race #3    Post time: 4:04 central

I think today’s card has a couple of tricky races and a solid key in the last. Today’s card
is perfect because you can take a stand in a few races and keep the price down if you
need to or spread out and spend a little but have a decent shot to hit.

Here we go

Race#3 I can’t believe they have a horse listed at 6-5 because I do not think this horse is a key. I think there are a few contenders. 4,5,6,7  The #7 hasn’t even been in the money at the distance yet so I am going to spread out.

Race#4 This is the toughest race with the most unknowns on the card. Again do not trust the
favourite again, #4. One key scratch on the #3.  Looking at taking 1,2,4,7.

Race#5 This is a little wide open but I think a winner will come from a closer. #6,#8 are the
ones I like most with #1,#4,#5 will be included on some smaller tickets.

Race#6 Looks very playable. I think the most likely winner is the #2, solid figures and works.
#3 and #8 have an outside shot to upset. This appears to be a very talented group.

Race#7 A relatively small field, a few do not have the figures to win. The race shape is a little
difficult to figure out. The multiple win horses I feel are the most likely winners. I lean to the
#6,#8 and then #2,#4,#5.

Race#8  #4 Make More Money (and if she wins I will), Solid figures, solid works, good last race = most likely winner in the sequence. If she doesn’t win, I don’t get the pick 6.

Good luck to everyone trying, anyone hits today let me know love to see how you played it.

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