October 12

There are three carryovers I have looked at today, Keeneland pick 5 ($58,000),
Hawthorne pick 5 ($11,000), Turf Paradise pick 5 ($3,400).

Some of you are saying why would you even bother looking at Turf Paradise
with such a small carry over as compared to Keenelands. Its simple most
won’t look at the small ones so there is that much better of an opportunity to
scoop the pool.

After my early scan of the three tracks in question I can tell you that Turf Paradise
will not pay very much as it appears to be very chalky. Keeneland looks playable
but you will have to spend a little. Hawthorne looks very tricky and may get
carried over again.

I will post my thoughts on Keeneland and potential tickets around 1:00 pm central.

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