October 23

A couple of nice carryovers today that might go unnoticed so I am going
to take a couple of shots.  Hawthorne early pick 4 and Turf Paradise Pick 5.

Hawthore Race#2 Post time 2:40pm central

The field size of each race are quite small and races are a little tricky,
but I think it is certainly playable.

Race#2 2,5,6 are the main horses I like. 6 is the speed, 2 stalker and 5
closer. Outsiders 4,7

Race#3 I think there are two main contenders 1,4. Key to the 4 horse is
the strong races at Hawthorne. Sleeper 2

Race#4 2,5,8 all come out of the same race. I think I will get a price on
the 5, even though the ml is low since she has lost to the 2,8. Watch
her replay and you will understand

Race#5 1,5,6 are most likely winners but it is a competitive field. 1 is
the controlling speed and depending on the bias today and you will
know by now which it is at Hawthorne at this point which horse
should win. Unfortantely playing the pick 4 you will not know.

Good luck. 

Turf Paradise to follow at 4:00pm central

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