October 30

A big week ahead and we start off with a nice double carryover today at Hawthorne in the pick 5 $20,000 already spent and I expect at least another $50,000 bet into it. Very playable today

Hawthorne Race#1 Post time 2:10 central

Race#1 A slightly tricky race but I think you can narrow it down a little and figure out the race setup. I am leaning to 6,7,8. It sets up for the closers 6,8. 7 is the improving horse so he is needed. Very small savers 3,5

Race#2 1,6 are the most likely winners. I like taking two completely different racing styles.
When I have this I am usually quite confident in getting the leg. Small saver 5, a very hot
trainer with steady works and angles tells me I need to add him a little

Race#3 4 is a potential key. Excellent 1st race off layoff and a repeat wins. Would have
liked to see a small work in between her last race and this but.. 5,6,1 are the others

Race#4 Toughest race in the sequence. I do not think there are any true md sp wt horses
in this race so I need a bunch. 1,2,4,5,8.   No real help in here. 8 is the favorite and has the
angles but would not key him.

Race#5 6 is the obvious horse. I do not like obvious horses and her last race was not very good. There appears to not be much in the race, so that makes it tough. 2,4,5 are possible up-setters.

Tomorrow we have Santa Anita’s pick 6 and then it really begins.

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