Pick 5 at Hawthorne

There is over $3,000 of dead money and I expect that over $15,000 will be bet into this pool tonight.

I do have a key I think is quite solid in the 6th, #2 Hasty Warrior. I think if he loses the pick 5 pays huge or gets carried over.

Pick 5 starts in race #5 at 7:04 central.

I am not going to go in a big analysis on each race but just a few
quick points.

Race#5 I think a closer is required as there is a fair amount of early pace for the turf. The #8 five iron is very classy but seems to need the lead, if can stalk wins. Not sure he can.
      Using 1,4,8,10 mainly, small saver tickets off of 5,7
Race #6 #2 Hasty warrior sitting on a win, with solid figures. Need many
others if do not key this horse. Is my play of day at Hawthorne
Race#7 Many horses do not really belong. No strong opinion in here.
    Using 4,6,9 (if 6 can run back to is AP race on dirt, he wins but
    hard to key being a different surface)
Race#8 Bottom claimers mostly off form, do not trust the race
    Using 1,4,7,8 (8 has a solid work which trainer tips you off with that
    from time to time and likes Hawthorne)
Race #9 Another bottom claimer but a little better form to go by
    Using 4,5,9,10,11  (4 is a sneaky horse because I think he can’t run
    at AP at all but is great at Hawthrone)  I will be boxing these five
    horses in the trifecta and super.

As you can see I do have potentially small keys in many races, because
of this I can play many smaller tickets and just need to hit two keys to
probably hit the pick 5.

Lets see what happens.

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