Playing the Breeders Cup – Maximize Your Results


Over the next few days you will be overwhelmed with information and selections. You will also have all of your opinions. I am not going to fill you with more selections but simply give you a few suggestions on how to play the races. We all know that you only need to hit a couple races and then you make some nice money on the day.

Here are a few suggestions on getting yourself ready to bet the Cup: (Assuming the capping is done)
-Mark down you strongest plays of the day.
-Then, mark your weakest or toughest races on the day.
-Everyone has a budget when playing the races or should, so make sure you do.
-Give yourself an idea of where you are going to spend more of your money, stronger plays.
-Set aside some of your budget for smaller plays and close to post time hunch plays.

Now making some bets:
-Rolling pick 3s are the best because you can surround these sequence bets with your stronger plays. A first leg key is great, key him and spread in the next two. If in middle or last also spread but don’t go crazy especially if in the first leg.
-Another angle in pick 3s is in first leg go light if possible, if you are going big in the first leg, sometimes it’s better to pass that bet.
-In pick 4s and 5s, I also like to go a little lighter in the first leg because the price can get up rather quick and you have that money tied up. Now if have many keys in the sequence then that is another story
-With the lower minimums you can take advantage of spreading or adding an extra horse if need be, but always think of what the ROI can be. If you spend $120 in a pick 4 for 50 cents, make sure you feel you will get back a good ROI or its not worth spending the money.
-With your keys, if they are paying well, BET TO WIN FIRST.

We all know there will be some strange and very tough outcomes in some of the races, so be prepared to take a few loses. Take some stands on horses you like and then spread around those. Have a plan of attack, stay calm and WIN BIG!!

Enjoy the best two days of racing and good luck.



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