Playing the Jackpot Pools

There are many jackpot carryover pools daily. You will notice I do not focus on them that much.
I do pay attention to them, especially as they get really big and close to the mandatory payout day.

Some guys say playing these are a terrible bet, I disagree. Here are a few reasons why I play them from time to time.
-Obviously on mandatory payout day is a no brainer, a big carry over and it has to be paid
-When I have a few key horses in the sequence and doesn’t appear to cost very much
I will play it.
-I might even play it if it looks very chalky because many people play to win the jackpot,
so therefore others are wasting money taking horses with no chance, hence dead money
out there.

I do realize that the takeout is quite poor on these bets because a portion is carried over
when multiple tickets hit.  I feel that it balances out because of the extra horses guys are
chasing to hit the home run.

Moral of the story is keep your options open on all the bets. There are so many different
circumstances each race day and each track so keep an open mind. There are many way
to make money at the races

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