Playing the rolling pick 3s


Many of the bigger tracks have rolling pick 3s. I think this is a huge advantage to the player if the pick 3s are played in a certain way. For starters, the research has been done and the payouts are usually higher than a win parlay of the horses that win each sequence. Also the pick 3 is a small enough sequence that you can play a strong ticket and not spend that much.

The bigger payouts are obviously when longshots come in, but you do not need to hit back to back 10-1 shots and get overpaid. Get one of them and you will be rewarded.

Now it is important to understand you can’t go overboard and put all your budget in one basket in playing these pick 3s. I also think if it is costly you over $48 to play a pick 3, you probably shouldn’t be playing it because you really do not have a good feel in the sequence.

Here are a  few key rules I apply when I am playing rolling pick 3s to keep the cost down.  I find it important to have at least one key in the sequence I like a lot. When I start the pick 3 sequence and roll them, I only start when I either have a key or two horses in the first leg. If my key is in the last leg, and the first two legs I need bunches I will only play one pick 3 until my key is in the first leg. If the total cost of a ticket is between $8 – $12 and I have no key I will also play the ticket.

The best way to explain a good way to play rolling pick 3s is by an example.

Race#2  Feel only two horses I think can win
Race#3  Like a horse at 5-1, can take a chance a key him, but could use others
Race#4  Vulnerable favourite that should get beat, like as many as four horses, but there are unknowns
Race#5 Solid key, expected favourite, ml 2-1, but will go off at 4-5
Race#6 Mid claimer, three or four contenders

Here is how I would play the races 2,3,4
Race#2  1,2/1/all (8 horses)   ,   1,2,/1,2,3/1,2,3,4
Rae#3  if 1,2 wins then I would play  1,2,3/all(8)/1  and 1,2,3,4,5/1,2,3,4/1.  If 1,2 loses in race 2 would play 1/all(8)/1
Race#4  if alive from race 2,3 then would play 1,2,3,4/1/1,2,3,4, if out would play all/1/1,2,3

You will see that I adjust my tickets accordingly. I am either expanding a few longshots if I have a few god pick 3 tickets going, so if I lose a final leg, I am covering a little but it could be a longshot that is coming in that I will now have. In all cases I need to hit one of my keys somewhere to win. Playing the above tickets keeps the ticket size down but allows you many options to hit a nice ticket or hit a few tickets in a row. Either way you are making some money.

Comments or questions on why I play it this way, even tell me that this is the wrong way to play. I am always open to discuss new ways to play or learn something new.


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