Prepping for the Breeders Cup

Breeders Cup 2014by STRETCH

The countdown to the Breeders Cup is very much on. Have you started to “Cap the Cup?”

There is so many opportunities to make a big score this weekend and the only way to do that is be a step ahead of the others. Waiting until Friday morning is NOT the way to be successful. The two race cards are nothing like any other cards you face all season long. Maybe you can cap a regular race card in an hour or so (not really) but not the Breeders Cup; there are simply to many other variables out there.

Here is a plan to “Prep” successfully for the 2 big days:
-Get the advance past performances now.
-scan all the races, get to know the horses a little, make a few key marks.
-Next day, start to really handicap the races.
-watch replays, briefly figure out the speed horses, closers etc.
-use your normal handicapping procedures as you would cap a regular race
-Follow the on-track experts with workouts of the horses, I have found this very informative over the last few years
-Get the regular PPs on Thursday and begin to have a plan for Friday and Saturday.
-Make notes on possible bets.
-Check out the guys on the BetPTC blog and a few experts that you trust their insight.
-Enjoy the races, but keep your emotion in check even though it is the best weekend of the year.

Always try and handicap the races first before you get on the media hype of each horse or experts picks. If you are a regular horseplayer you need to get your opinions first and then get the other information that may help you. The Breeders’ Cup is complete information overload and you will be overwhelmed with everything. These stakes are horse races that you cap all year long, so do not change your successful methods just for this weekend.

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