Santa Anita Pick 6 Thursday


It has been a very quiet week with so many tracks cancelled and very few tracks with any type of carryovers. Not to worry, there is a nice carryover at Santa Anita on Thursday.

Race #3 Santa Anita Post time 4:01 central

Race#3 A tricky race to open the sequence. If the 1 repeats his last effort, he will be tough. The 2 has beaten both the 3,4 but it was on a different surface. Going to go with 1,2. But if 3,4 won I wouldn’t be that surprised

Race#4 The 3 will be the favourite but has not run or worked at Santa, this is an angle I do not like. The 5 was out for a workout in his first race and expect a better effort. The 4 should have been entered in a mile race and then I would have certainly used him. Steady works on the 1 say he is fitted properly and can win. Will use 1,3,5, yes using the 3 because this is not a strong field

Race#5 There are only two horses in this race. The 6 I like best. Needed to go longer and if you watch carefully the jockey didn’t try late on her and she still closed. The 5 is the best of the rest but the race line looks better than she did in the replay

Race#6 Another potential big favourite with the 4, BUT a huge drop. If a has three legs does win. The works say he does and it is Mitchell. 2,6 I will be giving some interest to on the ticket

Race#7  A small field always scares me because you never know the race shape. I think the 5 will likely be on the lead. The 2 changed his running style last time out and it almost worked. My lean is to the 2 mainly. Small saver on the 1,5

Race#8 A bad maiden claimer in here with a bunch of early pace that will probably stop. The 4 will be the favourite and is the speed of the speed, therefore makes him a contender. The 7 being a firster does not have to be that much to win. My sleeper is the 10, if she can close she can win too.

Here are a couple tickets:  1,2/1,3,4,5/6/2,4,6/2/4,7,10  and 1,2/1,5/5/2,4/2/4,7,10

Good luck everyone. When someone hits it, email back on how you did. I always like to see winning tickets

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