Saturday Oct 5th carryovers

Today there are not as many carryovers as usual for a Saturday with a few new tracks just starting out.

Today I have focused on Santa Anita pick 6 with $26,000 of dead money and Hawthorne Park pick 5 with over $3,000.

I have already looked at both cards and decided that Santa Anita is not playable in the pick 6 sequence. The cost of even attempting a decent ticket is far to high in comparison to only $26,000 in a already tough bet.
The other reason there are at least two very tough legs in the sequence including the last race down the hill with two year olds. This does not mean I won’t be playing a few races in that sequence or playing pick 4.

Hawthorne Pick 5 is a different story, I will be playing this one. Post time is 5:00pm central. I need to get the scratches and track conditions before I post any of my tickets and discussions.

I expect to begin posting around 4:30 pm central.

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