Sept 29th at Mountaineer


A quiet  Monday means the tracks that are running will have a little bigger pools today. Mountaineer does have a small carry over in its pick 5. That will be the focus today.

Mountaineer Race#4  Pick 5  Post time 8:06pm eastern

This sequence will have lots of big favourites, but I do not think they will all win. There is a chance a few won’t.

Race#4 The toughest race in the sequence. The 3 should get to sit behind the rabbits and take over late. The 9 may be the speed of the speed and could steel it. The 8 is also a stalker that will close late. That being said I still need 1,6,10.

Race#5 The 8 will be the big favourite and should be tough to beat, but horse is only 1/21 at the track. The sleeper that I think could upset is the 9. Really good last race, is out of condition though.

Race#6 I can’t believe the 1 entry is a morning line of 1-1, just can’t see it. May look stupid by not keying them but I need 2,4 as well. The stretch out on the 4 is my angle and the 2 is the best of the locals.

Race#7 The 3 is a horse the simply wins everywhere. Another big favourite, but looks the part. Will have a saver on the 1 and 7. The 1 has a few figures at CT that could upset the 3. The 7 is the closer with a nice claim angle.

Race#8 The horse I like the best is the 6, two concerns, the first is back to back good races and these bottom types do not stay in form and has a poor trainer. The 5 is the controlling speed and may steal it, but the 5 has had no activity in a month. Going to only take 5,6 even with the negatives because the rest are not very good

Here are two tickets:  1,3,6,8,9,10/8,9/1,2,4/3/5,6   cost $36.00
3,8,9/8/1,2,4/1,4,7/5,6   cost: $27.00

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