September 20th at Belmont


Clearly the focus will be on the Pick 6 at Belmont with over $600,000 of dead money. It is not an easy sequence but worth at least a small shot at it today.

Belmont Race#4 Pick 6

Race#4 The sequence starts off with the toughest race on the card I think. There should be an early pace battle so the winner will be closing late. The stalker is the 1A who will get first run, the 7,8 are the other closers with a shot. The only early pace type horse with a shot is the 2.

Race#5 A small field and the race shape will determine the winner. A little tricky on figuring out it all out. You need the 1A for sure, I think the 3 is improving with a solid late foot. Could use more but have to take a stand somewhere.

Race#6 Going with the 5,7. The 5 should stalk and take over late. The 7 is the longshot that has a race two back that would win this race.

Race#7 This race features a lot of horses with a winning race, but then lots of inconsistency. I am basing on the horses that have a race on their form that is fast enough to win. The 2,4,6 have the late close I am looking for. Do not trust any of them to key.

Race#8 Based on budget I have to key somewhere and that is the 2 in this race. I think she is getting better and better each time out. Any early pace she wins going away. Others to use a savers are the 1,3

Race#9 The 10 is the horse that needed to make a slight drop, towers above the field with a clean trip.

Possible ticket:  1,2,7,8/1,3/5,7/2,4,6/2/10     cost: $96

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