September 6th at Golden Gate


My guess is many of you may not play Golden Gate that often, but today you may want to look at the pick 5. Over $30,000 in dead money to be scoop in a  very straight forward small field sequence.

Golden Gate Race#1 Post time 4:45pm eastern

Race#1  Careful in keying the expected big favourite 2. This race is on the turf going five. He does have four wins, though. I think you need 2 and 5

Race#2 Most horses have become losers so you do need a few in here. 1,2,3,6 is one of the winners. The 2 could sit right behind the 5 who will stop at the top of the stretch and take over, will have to hold off the plotters late.

Race#3 The 5 will be the favourite but isn’t a strong closer so could be upset. The 3 is my choice of the race. Will use 1,3,4,5

Race#4 If this was on the turf the 5 would be very tough, but it isn’t. The 3,4 have the figures also to win the race. Small field and really only the 1 doesn’t really figure in here

Race#5 The 5,6 are the droppers in here and one of them should win. The 4 can run but do not like the missing workout.

Small fields, I sometimes like to key a couple races and buy the other legs because cost is not that much.

Here is a ticket I will play without keying a leg:  2,5/1,2,3,6/1,3,4,5/3,4,5/5,6

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