Struggling in the Cash is King Contest


We are a few weeks away from getting to the half way point in the “best” handicapping contest out there online. I won’t mention why it is again, see previous blogs as to why. I am reminding people to say there is plenty of time to still win a segment, but more importantly see how you fair against the top handicappers at website. We all run into big talkers about how smart they are, well stop talking and beat us, then you can talk.

The other reason I am mentioning this contest again is for the ones that are struggling to consistently get on the leaderboard. I write my blogs because I like to help out people understand the betting game better. I know many of you do not listen and that is why I am not worried about lowering my prices. Yes I said it.

Now for the ones that want to get on the leaderboard, start with this. Write down your bets for the day for the past few Saturday’s, well in fact the past few weeks. Do you see any trends ? I am going to say you will. Do not be the guy that says I could have, should have done something. Also don’t be the excuse guy either, blaming the jockey or saying the races are fixed. Accept responsibility and improve your capping. There is so much information out there to help you out, simply use it. The PTC blog has great writers and selectors which give out great horses. Read their write ups and understand how they see the race. Are you seeing it the same ? We all do not pick a winner every race but I think you will always take something away from the insight.

NOW make the needed changes and get on the leaderboard.

For those continuing to be on the leaderboard, well done, but do not get complacent and feel you do not need to learn. We all can learn something to make more money.

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