Sunday Oct 6th

Today there is really only one carryover that interests me at all and that of course is the Pick 6 at Santa Anita.

If you had read yesterday’s blog on how I mentioned Santa’s pick 6 was not playable, the carryover was a little expected. It worked out very well because by not playing it I don’t have to chase the money I would have lost. Instead I would have a little extra to take the shot today.

So looking at today’s sequence I wasn’t that impressed on the races in
it. I think the payout will be between $10,000 – $20,000 if the big favorite
wins in the 7th, #3. I think if you spread out going 4 or 5 deap in the other races you will get it, but that gets the ticket price a little to high. So, unfortanately I have to pass and play race by race. I do not have
enough strong opinions on the other races to even discuss them.

Anyone have any insight or thoughts on the sequence jump in the discussion.

Hoping for another carryover for Santa today, but don’t expect it.

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