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Independence Day Cash Contest @ BetPTC.com

10 FREE Entries Awarded into the 2018 Cash is King contest!
Join us on Wednesday 7/4 and try out our new contest platform at BetPTC.com! Members now have the ability to designate which plays they want included in their contest bets on tournament days.
How Do I Make a Contest Bet?
Simply check the contest box prior to hitting submit wager.  Then, you can verify that the wager is a contest bet by either the “C” next to the wager under the ‘Sent Bets’ tab, or by clicking on ‘Account Activity’ where those bets are noted as (contest bets).  You will not see the “contest box” except on the day of the contest and for the tracks that are eligible to be included in the tournament.
More details coming soon on the upcoming Cash Is King X contest, which will now offer a full berth ($12,000) into the 2019 Pegasus Cup Betting Championship, plus other great cash prizes!

The Wednesday contest is a free-to-enter cash contest, compliments of BetPTC.  

1) If you are a BetPTC customer, you’re officially registered for entry into the Independence Day contest.
2) Wager a minimum of $74 in contest bets on the day.  There is no maximum to wagers you designate as contest plays.  Contest bets can only be made online using the tournament platform at BetPTC.com by checking the contest wager box.  
3) Earn the highest Return on Investment (ROI) on the day to earn one of the prizes offered.  Return On Investment does not include any BetPTC Cash Rewards earned.
Eligible Tracks:
All tracks racing on 7/4/18 are eligible. 
Top Prizes for the BetPTC Independence Day Tournament
Grand prize: $200 cash credited to their BetPTC account & a FREE entry into the 2018 Cash Is King Tournament, a $75 value.
2nd place: $100 cash credited to their BetPTC account & a FREE entry into the 2018 Cash Is King Tournament, a $75 value.
3rd – 5th place: $74 cash credited to their BetPTC account & a FREE entry into the 2018 Cash Is King Tournament, a $75 value.

6th – 10th place: a FREE entry into the 2018 Cash Is King Tournament, a $75 value.

Play for over $500 in cash plus a Total of 10 FREE entries into the upcoming BetPTC Real-money contest starting July 21, 2018!

 Winners will be selected and notified on Thursday, July 5, 2018.

How to Play:

Wagers can be made online at betptc.com by checking the contest box prior to submitting the wager and verifying that the wager has been placed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Wagers can be made on any type of bet that BetPTC accepts for the designated contest/promo track(s).


BetPTC may at times post information, commentary and/or selections of races when appropriate. BetPTC shall not be liable for any inaccurate, incomplete, or missing information that is posted. Such information is posted only to help players make their selections and any opinions or analysis posted by BetPTC regarding the outcome of the races should not be taken as a recommendation of which horses to select.

Each player agrees that BetPTC.com may use his or her name and picture for publicity if they are a prize winner without further compensation.

BetPTC reserves the right to change the schedule and rules without notice, or cancel the event due to unforeseen events.

Tournament Director:

Rich Nilsen, Player Services manager at BetPTC.com, rich.nilsen@betptc.com