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Cash Is King Real-Money Tournament is Back at BetPTC

Join today.  Fill out the quick and easy form below.  Full details and rules below.

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$20,000 Cash is King Tournament @ BetPTC.com

 Win a Full Berth into the 2021 Pegasus Cup Betting Championship at either Gulfstream Park or Santa Anita (player choice), a $6,000 value, plus $500 travel stipend.

$3,000 Leaderboard cash prizes (two grand prizes awarded).

Play for $20,000 in Cash & Prizes

Only 25 Players will compete in this year’s Finals!

Become the 7th Annual BetPTC Handicapper of the Year.  Recent winners include Frank M. (2019) and John F. (2018, 2017). 

cash is king at betptc

NEW IN 2020! Every weekly top 10 finish moves you closer to nabbing the $2,500 Leaderboard prize.  Two $2,500 Leaderboard Grand prizes will be awarded – one for weeks June 20th through August 22nd, and another for weeks Aug. 29th through October 31st! 

Join BetPTC.com today, claim your sign-up bonus with promo code CIK, and get your account set up for our Cash is King XII event which is offering a full $6,000 entry into the lucrative Pegasus Cup Betting Championship in February 2021.

“As a real-money tournament the weekly Cash Is King tournament is the perfect practice grounds for the high-end bankroll contests,” stated Richard Nilsen, tournament director and 17x NHC qualifier. “In addition to competing for the huge grand prize, you keep your winnings each week and play without incurring any high contest takeout.”

Cash is King XII – The Best Real Money Contest exclusively at BetPTC.com

Please read the rules carefully.  Any questions should be directed to rich.nilsen @ betptc.com

The BetPTC real-money tournament is back.  Cash is King XII runs from Saturday, June 20 until the end of October, with a championship finals November 21-22, 2020.   Jump in and play at any time!  For only a one-time $50 entry fee you can play all year long!

This is a real-money contest so, in addition to any prizes, you keep whatever you win.  But that’s not all.  In a tournament environment where takeouts can go as high as 30% or even more, this is the best value in the country!

Why Cash is King? First of all, it’s fun and challenging. Plus, our contest at BetPTC.com takes away the inequities of traditional handicapping tournaments and lets you play how you want, on the tracks you want, with a very small, minimum amount of wagering.

Unlike many other tournaments, it doesn’t matter if you’re a big bettor or a small bettor. Everyone has an equal chance to win the prizes in the one-of-a-kind Cash Is King contest at BetPTC.com.  If you are wagering on the horses on the weekends, you should be participating!

To qualify for contest scoring each Saturday, you must wager a minimum of $150 in contest wagering. Play your favorite tracks and make your favorite wagers, all using a bankroll that fits your budget. There are no mandatory tracks and no specific bets required. The contest is scored on your return on investment (ROI), not on how much you wager.


There’s no doubt … traditional handicapping tournaments aren’t for everyone. If the contest is filled with mandatory races at tracks you don’t normally play, it slants the playing field toward others in the contest who play those circuits.

Many of the real-money, big bankroll tournaments require large minimum wagering thresholds or entry fees that price most players out.  In addition, they often encourage players to go “all-in” which many players simply do not have the disposition to do.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  You can parlay a top finish in BetPTC’s Cash Is King XII into a major score on Pegasus World Cup day!  It doesn’t get any better than that.


Finish in first place on any Saturday feeder (dates listed below) and you qualify to compete in the November 21-22 Finals of Cash Is King XII.  There will be a maximum of 25 members eligible to compete in the Finals where a full berth to the PEGASUS CUP BETTING CHAMPIONSHIP will be given away plus thousands in other cash prizes!

How is scoring calculated?

This is an R.O.I. (Return on Investment) based contest that utilizes your regular wagering during the course of the day.  Prizes are based on ROI on the players’ accounts. ROI is calculated by dividing wagering returns by the amount wagered. BetPTC rewards are not included in the calculation. For example, a player makes $2,000 in contest-designated wagers on a Saturday and his or her return is $3,000.  The calculation for that Saturday is as follows: $3000/$2000 -1 = 50% ROI.

Contest Eligibility & Requirements

Customers who agree to these rules and wish to participate must complete the following two steps:

1) Register for the contest by completing the required registration form which allows for $50 to be deducted from your wagering account.  The Registration Form can be found here.  Funds will be manually deducted from your BetPTC account and could take up to 48 hours.  Please be sure to retain enough funds in your account for the withdrawal.

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2) Wager $150 or more on any of the Saturdays during the contest dates (June 20 – October 31, 2020), using a BetPTC.com wagering account in good standing.  Wagers can only be made online through the regular BetPTC wagering interface that allows for wagers to be designated as “contest bets.”

3) Every Saturday that you participate and finish in the top 10 of the weekly leaderboard, you receive 1 point in the Leaderboard contest.  See details below.

Employees and vendors of BetPTC.com and their immediate families are not eligible.

At any time new players can join the contest by paying the entry fee and participating in the qualifying weekly feeders.


How to Play

Wagers can be only be made online through the contest platform at BetPTC.com.  Players must check the box that indicates that they want the wager(s) included in their contest bets for the day. Wagers flagged as contest bets can not be cancelled or will result in disqualification of that player for that particular day.

Contestants can verify that a wager was properly designated as a contest bet by clicking on ‘Account Activity’ or by the ‘c’ indicator under the ‘Sent Bets’ tab.  It is the players’ responsibility to make sure that the wagers they want included in the contest are designated appropriately.

Wagers can be made on any type of bet that BetPTC accepts for all tracks.

Wagers can be made on any tracks of the player’s choice on any of the Saturdays during the contest date range. To qualify for contest play on a given Saturday, registered members must wager a minimum of $150 in contest bets during the course of the day. There is no maximum limit to how much can be wagered.

Wagers for each Saturday begin with the racing day on Saturday late morning.  Wagers made late on Friday night past Midnight ET will NOT count towards Saturday’s scoring. And wagers made on Saturday racing that occur AFTER Midnight ET will count towards Saturday’s scoring.

Weekly Prizes and the Championship Prizes are based on ROI on the players’ accounts.

Weekly and Annual Leaderboards will be displayed via a link on the homepage at www.betptc.com

How to Win

Meet the wagering requirement and finish the day with a higher ROI than other BetPTC members who participate in the contest.

Leaderboard Contest – 1st Half / 2nd Half

Every Saturday that you participate, meet the minimum wagering requirement, and finish in the top 10 weekly standings, you receive 1 point in the Leaderboard contest.

The maximum number of Leaderboard points a member can earn in a given week is 1 point.  The minimum number of Leaderboard points a member can earn in a given week is 0 points.

The player with the most Leaderboard points at the end of each tournament stage (see schedule below) will win the grand prize for that segment of the Cash Is King contest.

Contest Dates:

Every Saturday, June 20 – October 31, 2020.


Leaderboard contest Prize Stages:

June 20 – August 22, 2020:  Player with the most points (top 10 weekly finishes) will win the 1st half $2,500 cash prize.

Player with the 2nd most points (top 10 weekly finishes) will win the 1st half $500 runner-up cash prize.

August 29 – October 31, 2020: Player with the most points (top 10 weekly finishes) will win the 2nd half $2,500 cash prize.

Player with the 2nd most points (top 10 weekly finishes) will win the 2nd half $500 runner-up cash prize.


June 20 – October 31, 2020- The top 5 players based on annual Leaderboard points at the end of the Cash Is King XII season who did not win a week will earn a spot in the Finals on Nov. 21-22, 2020.

Tiebreaker: In the event of a tie for the 1st half or 2nd half prizes, the tie will go to the player with the most 1st place weekly finishes during that stage of the tournament.  If still tied, the players will share the cash prize accordingly.

FINALS WEEKEND: November 21-22, 2020.

Weekly Prizes for the Cash Is King X Contest

1st Place: Entry into the Cash Is King Finals on November 21-22, 2020.  If the first place finisher has already earned a Finals berth, then the prize will go to the player next in line who has not won in.

Please note that at times during the contest period, BetPTC may offer ‘contests within a contest.’  Players who wagers a certain amount of money (TBD) will be eligible for additional prizes that week.  Contestants will be notified by email when these opportunities arise.


Grand Prizes for the Cash Is King XII Championship Finals on November 21-22, 2020.

Grand Prize: Title of BetPTC.com Handicapper of the Year. A Trip to the 2021 Pegasus Cup Betting Championship at Gulfstream Park or Santa Anita* to compete for over $300,000 in cash prizes. $6,000 value. An additional $500 for travel money will be deposited into the winner’s BetPTC account. The full $6,000 entry includes tickets to the on-track event plus other perks provided by the tournament host.

Disclaimer: In the event that the Pegasus Cup Betting Championship is not held on-track, BetPTC.com will award that grand prize winner a total of $6,500 in cash in their BetPTC wagering account to do as these please.

2nd Place: $4,000 in cash credited to BetPTC.com account.

3rd Place:  $2,000 in cash credited to BetPTC.com account.

 4th Place: $1,000 in cash credited to BetPTC.com account.

5th Place: $500 in cash credited to BetPTC.com account.
Wagering Rules for Finals

Cash Is King XII Championship Finals on November 21-22, 2020.

Finalists must wager $250 or more in contest wagers over each day of the November 21-22, 2020 weekend to be eligible for any of the prizes.

Tiebreakers for Prizes:

If there is a tie for the weekly prize, the tie will go to the player who wagered the most money on that Saturday.  If that still does not break the tie, then the player who cashed on the most individual bets will win the tie.  If that still does not break the tie, both players will earn a spot into the Finals.

Ties for the November championship finals’ prizes will be broken based on the player who participated in the most contest Saturdays throughout the year. 

If this does not break the tie, the tie will be broken based on which player wagered the most amount of money over the course of the Finals’ weekend. If this does not break the tie, the player with the most Leaderboard points over the entire year will break the tie.  If that still does not break the tie, a playoff date will be chosen for the two players to compete for the championship prize.


BetPTC may at times post information, commentary and/or selections of contest races when appropriate. BetPTC shall not be liable for any inaccurate, incomplete, or missing information that is posted. Such information is posted only to help players make their selections and any opinions or analysis posted by BetPTC regarding the outcome of the races should not be taken as a recommendation of which horses to select.

Each player agrees that BetPTC.com may use his or her name and picture for publicity if they are a prize winner without further compensation.

BetPTC reserves the right to change the contest schedule and rules without notice, or cancel the contest due to unforeseen events.

Tournament Director:

Rich Nilsen, Director of Player Services at BetPTC.com, rich.nilsen@betptc.com

BetPTC.com Graded Stakes Preview – July 20-21

BetPTC.com / Weekend Stakes Preview / Ed Meyer

Sunday’s Haskell

Race #12 – The G1 Haskell Invitational – 1 1/8  5:47 pm EDT

BetPTC.com Selections / #7 – Maximum Security / #5 – Mucho Gusto /#1  King for a Day

#7 Maximum Security hails from the Jason Servis barn who is winning at 29% at the meet. Luis Saez in the saddle and after the Derby DQ he had a nice prep in the Pegasus over the track and should be knocking heads on the lead. Look for a big effort today. #5 Mucho Gusto son of Mucho Macho Man for Bob Baffert who has won eight runnings of this race. He is 3rd off the layoff and 7 for 7 ITM lifetime. There is plenty of speed and Joe Talamo should be able to lay just off the main speed waiting to push the button. #1 King for a Day comes from the Todd Pletcher barn with John Velasquez in the irons. This son of Uncle Mo is making a 3rd off move and the barn scores at a 22% clip. The rail has been winning at a 24% clip and owns a sharp work coming into the race.

Del Mar

Race #4  – The G2 San Diego  1 1/16  6:30 pm EDT

BetPTC.com Selections / #1  Catalina Cruiser / #2  Core Beliefs / #4 Draft Pick

#1 Catalina Cruiser is a son of Union Rags for John Sadler with Joel Rosario in the driver’s seat. 2nd off the layoff and the barn wins 16% on this move. He is a solid stalker with sparkling works. He’ll be closer to the pace today and give them plenty of trouble down the lane. #2 Core Beliefs hails from the Peter Eurton barn with Flavien Prat in the saddle. Blinkers on and has been off for 54 days. He’s a nice stalker who is dropping down a notch in from the G1 Gold Cup and cuts back to a kinder distance. #4 Draft Pick comes from the Peter Eurton barn with this son of Candy Ride. Martin Garcia in the irons and makes his 2nd start of the year. His work tabs look like he’s gearing up for a top effort.

Race #8 – The G2 San Clemente – 1 mile on the turf – 8:30 pm EDT

BetPTC.com Selections / #3 – Mucho Unusual / #5 – Apache Princess / #8 – Stillwater Cove

#3 Mucho Unusual is a daughter of Mucho Macho Man for Tim Yakteen. Joel Rosario in the saddle making a 2nd off the layoff move where the barn wins 14%. This California bred should relish all of the speed to set up a good stalking trip. The faster they go the better she’ll like it. #5 Apache Princess comes in for Keith Desormeaux with brother Kent Desormeaux in the saddle. They’ve been off two months shipping in from Golden Gate. Kent D rolled off three straight going 6 1/2f on the weeds and they usually take to the mile distance with gusto. Look for her late in the game. #8 Stillwater Cove rolls in from the Wesley Ward barn with a daughter of Quality Road. Victor Espinoza in the irons and he wins 24% on the turf. The barn has been winning 26% for the year.