Take advantage by having the largest choice of tracks racing now


Right now we have the largest choice of tracks to choose from. Many race track players treat this time of year like they are going to an all you can eat buffet. The problem with many of us going to the “All you can eat Buffet” is that we put to much on our plate and attempt to eat it all. Well if we just took the very best of what there is to eat, we would enjoy it that much more. Use this analogy next time you grab the racing form and look at the 20 tracks being offered on the day.

How to choose a track:
-I would look towards meets that are just starting up, especially in areas that hasn’t had any racing. Example Canterbury Park in Minn.  There will be many horse players that only play the live meet and do not really know the levels of the invaders coming in.
-Pick a track that you have had success in the past, common sense, avoid a track you always lose at. Why would you expect to win after always losing.
-Pick a track that has the right amount of race days for you. If you have time to play 3 or 4 days then avoid the tracks that might race 5 or more days.
-Pick a track or tracks that are perfect for you time frame, if a night person, pick Mountaineer or Delta Downs.
-Depending on your experience and success matters on how many tracks you can handle at once.

Why do I feel there is so much of an advantage right now? Just like I mentioned when there is so much choice people will dip into many tracks, but only dip into it a little and not be an expect at any one track. They will be a novice at all the tracks. Take advantage of the novice players at so many tracks. Warmer weather gets more people out to the tracks and they only bet a few times a year.  Yes the bank is open, take advantage of it.

Enjoy the racing feast

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