Take advantage of all your resources


There are so many resources available to you these days to help you pick winners. If you have been following my blog you will know that I use many different methods to make money at the races. I also continue to do research and learn daily to improve on picking winners and making money at the races.
My newest resource I have come across is right on the BETPTC website. I decided to check out the “Thoroughbred Analytics “ sheets. The short form TA premium analysis sheets. I have only been following along with them for about two weeks but I have learned a lot on how these sheets can help me out. First they save tons of time and analyze lots of data and put it into one number. (I will let you read on exactly how the numbers are generated)

Here is how you can use their data to your advantage
-Shows you vulnerable favourites
.          -If an 8-5 ml is ranked 5th or 6th clearly the horse could get beat and is bad value
-All the numbers are very close in the race
.          -This tells you can be a tough race and you better look for value
-A horse or a couple of horses standout in highest numbers
.          -Better take note of these ones if you are taking a few horses in the race

If you are reading between the lines I am not saying these numbers pick winners every race or you should only use these numbers to pick winners. You still need to continue your methods but it takes no time to scan the numbers to help you out. I have found if I like a horse and the horse has top numbers if gives me more confidence the horse will win, I might even take a bigger shot on the horse.

Biggest mistake of many horse players: They stick with their same methods for years and years and do not adjust to the times and races. Times have changed and so do you. If it was two years since you had a big winner that you are still talking about, it probably means you haven’t been winning. Do some research and adjust your methods. Everyone knows the definition of insanity. If you don’t its doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

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