Take Advantage of the Live Multi Player feature

Mulitrack Video Player_0703by STRETCH

Full credit to the techs at BetPTC.com that have added a top notch new feature to help us with our handicapping. This day and age there are very few horse players that only play one track. With so many resources it is highly profitable to follow two or three tracks during the day. I am certainly not saying play every race, I am saying follow a few tracks at once.

How does this new feature help me make money, you ask?

It’s simple, following multiple tracks at once allows you to be very picky on which races to play. Some days a certain track its tough to find more than a few plays. Having the multi-player feature on allows you to be in tune with multiple tracks at once. By watching each race leading up to your stronger races you get a feeling of the track bias, betting patterns and simply be caught up with other horse players playing that same track. Who knows you might see something that pops up at you just before a race. If you were unable to see the track because you were only watching one track you would have missed out.

So take advantage of this feature because you never know when a betting opportunity can occur by simply having another track on your screen.

I will thank all the tech guys that made this happen in advance for all of us horse players looking to make a little extra cash … well, maybe a lot more.

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