Take advantage of the overbet vulnerable favourites


My eyes light up when I see a horse open at 1-5 and I think the horse can lose. Whenever a horse gets over bet that means all the other horses have value. It is tough enough to make
money at the races so you need to really take advantage when the odds are in your favour. A race that is bet perfectly gives no one an advantage to make a little extra money on the race.

I am always on the lookout when playing the races for the 1-5 or 2-5 horses, right away I scan the race. If I see holes in the horse in question, I continue on.

What are some holes I look for, you ask?
Big dropping horses that are showing nothing
-Big droppers that show lots¬†that shouldn’t be dropping
-horses that have not had any activity in over a month, either a race or more importantly
a workout
-a maiden or non 2 that finished 2nd the last time at a higher level
-terrible trainers
A great example of many of the above holes was at Mountaineer Race#4 yesterday.

What to do when the over bet vulnerable favorites occur.
Obviously win prices are a good bet, even a couple of horses you like are worth betting
-Exacta boxes, especially if you think the horse can run right out
-A pick 3 or pick 4 is the first leg is great because many players will key the big favourite.

Tip of the Day:  Always play a race when it becomes extra value in your favor.

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