Take advantage of the over-hyped horses by the media

We are getting to the end of the derby prep races and by now the media has really started to hype various horses. All the main contenders have one last prep race to go. Just like in other sports a good to great performance gets all the attention. The average media/handicappers that really only focus on the main races really do not know all the little extras required to pick the winner. Many only look at the final outcome. We all know race shape, race strength, track bias or trip matter so much in regards to the appearance of the horse’s race.

My tip of the day is ignore as much media as you can and cap the race as if you would normally cap your races. Once you have come up with your opinion then do some research and enjoy the media coverage of the race. The best situation is when you come up with a slight outsider than the media does you can really take advantage for the race.

We all know there are more race fans right now following horse racing simply because of their local horse is in the running for the roses and more coverage The favourite gets over bet most times and horse that may not have had a great race last time out gets forgotten. Treat these races as normal races and do your homework.

This time of year “The bank is open” and it is the time to take full advantage of it.

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