The Bank is open this weekend


Derby weekend is the best couple of days (Friday, Saturday) for the experienced/sharp handicapper of the year. Why you ask ? Well it is not because it has the most exciting two minutes in sports but it is because there is so much dead money out there.

If you play the races regularly, well you better get extra prepared for this weekend. I am not saying spend hours on who is going to win the derby  because I think that is poor time management. There are so many novice, or once a year horse players, that are playing the races this weekend with no idea of what they are doing. They will be betting numbers, colours or some crazy angle they once won back in 1982. The difference between this weekend and Breeders weekend is that there are more of the standard races surrounding the Kentucky Derby. Also there are so many tracks open this weekend and all the race tracks are full with people betting other tracks while waiting for the Derby.

The pools will be so much bigger, there will be more holes in the various pools and so much more money to be won. Most novice bettors save a hundred bucks for Kentucky Derby Day alone and do not expect to take any of it home. Yes free money for us that do the work.

Moral of the story “The Bank is Open”

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