The Day Before


Today’s card is simply going through the motions to get to tomorrow’s card. Small fields and Gulfstream will be sitting on the edge of their seats cheering for lots of favourites today. I have already spent a bunch of time for tomorrow, more than today’s sequence but there is always money to be made today.

Many key scratches in the sequence. Also basing picks with races on the turf.

Gulfstream Park Race#3 Not an easy first leg. The 4 should be the favourite and did run a nice first race, but the trainer is weak, hard to key. Others of note 2,6

Race#4 Lots of speed in here. If the 1 can stalk he wins, if gets caught up in duel the race becomes wide open and you need a bunch.

Race#5 The 3 should be a key but I can’t based on so many second place finishes. The 5 last time was the favourite and disappointed badly, another chance maybe. Only other one would be the 2

Race#6 The 1 is the improving horse and a repeat close from last race makes her a winner. The 9 has the figures but another trainer very cold, is a must use. Longshot in here would be the 11. If can get the right trip has a shot

Race#7 The 2 is the now horse, two very nice works coming in which set her up to beat the expect favourite 5. A possible third horse would be the 4, nice short speed workout to help her.

Race#8 Nothing reliable in this race. I am looking for a price in here because you can’t trust the expected favourites. 11 had a nice turn of foot late and may have figured it out. The 7 was way to far back last time and if a little closer can win. Others are the 7,8,4.  Super longshot is the 2 that may crush Gulfstream’s big day tomorrow.

Here is a ticket to consider: 2,4,6/1/3/1,9,11/2,4,5/2,4,7,8,9,11    cost $32.40
Could play a saver using 2,5 in the third leg and reduce elsewhere.

Back tomorrow with analysis up by 2:00pm eastern

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