Track Bias Matters


Many people use visual as a guide to trip notes and forget about what they don’t see. What I mean by this is that if a horse checks in the stretch, everyone sees that. What many horse players forget is if there is a specific track bias on the day, it helps one style and hurts another.

So on an early pace bias day that a horse goes gate to wire and crushes makes the race better than looked effort. A closer that only closes a few lengths on a speed bias day is not necessarily a bad effort, just up against a bias.

Many of the major tracks  do have someone post what they felt the track bias was, so it is a little easier to track. The smaller tracks not so much, hence if you are keep notes on the track bias you have a nice advantage over many.

With BETPTC having their great “Video Library” of all the past races it is so easy to watch a bunch of races on that day and get a feeling was it early pace, outside, or off the pace bias.

Trust me when I say if you get an extreme bias on a day and you know that no horses could close and then you get an opposite day bias a few weeks later you will hit the big one.

I am back from my Florida/Phoenix track trips so stay tuned for upcoming carry over tickets on the carry over thread.

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