I am talking about betting your horse to WIN FIRST, the worst case scenario is you play a trifecta or pick 3 and your WIN horse(key wins) and you do not hit so you lose.

You must bet your horse to win first when you are getting value. If your horse is higher than you think it was going to be simply make your win bet first. If you feel strong with other horses in the exotics or sequence bets then take a shot. Remember the money you are spending on the other bets is taking away from the money you could be betting to win, so make it count.

If your horse is an underlay then the horse becomes a non-win bet. It is tough enough to make money and when you are not getting value you need to win that many more times. Betting the exotics now comes into play when the win bet is not value.

Get your REBATES:
If you are betting horses these days you better be betting with websites/tracks that pay back on what you bet. If you are a serious horseplayer and not getting rebates, that is just silly and you are not a serious horseplayer. Simply¬† you are a¬†horse player that doesn’t care if you win or lose(more losing expected). If you are already betting with BETPTC then I do not have to sell you on getting rebates because they offer great rebates, actually the best that I have seen.


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