Winter Racing thoughts


This time of year if you keep track of the “Track Bias” and make some notes each day you can really can be rewarded by doing your homework. The northern tracks can vary so much from day to day based on the weather and the temperature rising or falling. A fast track in the summer months is usually similar from day to day but a fast track when it is well below freezing is a lot different than above freezing.

Here are a few tips to chart and watch for.
-Temperature, wind speed and direction (if strong enough)
-where are the top finishers coming from,  rail, outside of track
-are closers closing, if none are it becomes a throw out race for those types
-speed bias, down grade speed horses that go gate to wire, performance will look better than it was

Taking bias trip notes
-Only one horses closes from eighth to fourth, may not seem like much but in fact it is
-Most speed horses are tiring in the stretch but one or two hang on for 2nd or 3rd

Make sure you write the names of these horses down for next time. These against the bias type horses usually do not show up in tough trip notes or horses to watch.

Winter racing can be very profitable by simply doing the right work.

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