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Free $$ at Gulfstream Park on April 2nd


A dream situation that happens from time to time in racing these days is a MANDATORY payout pool with a rather large carry over. I would think most people know but just in case you don’t there is almost a 2 million dollar carry over in the Rainbow Pick 6. The best part is the minimum bet is only 20 cents, this gives everyone a decent shot at it.

Starts in Race#6 POST TIME 3:05pm eastern

Race#6 Well the sequence doesn’t start off kind, this is a bad bunch of maidens that will run 6.5 furlongs in about 1:20. This means anyone could win. The 6 and 9 are droppers that haven’t proved they are complete losers yet. The 2 is the best of the worst, but likes to lose. Others to use 3,4,7

Race#7 Depending on your budget, you may want to key the 3 in. Has solid closing figures and should sit a little closer. The 2 will try and steal it, but likes to lose. Outsiders on a saver might be the 1 who will get a great trip. The 6 has the class, but Maker is 3/28 on a layoff on the turf, with only one win.

Race#8 A tricky maiden turf race with some talent but lots of unknowns. I like the 2 horse because the trainer thought highly enough to raise in class, a slow start gives him an excuse from last. If the 12 had a better post I would like him a lot more, if can get a trip, then can also win. The other one is the 6 has some figures to make him a contender

Race#9 A similar race to the 6, no talent. We are guessing that one of the first timers can run, can they? Need a few others 4,5,6

Race#10 I like the 7 best, watch the replay, had no chance with that ride, will be flying late. If the 7 doesn’t get the trip I think the 8 is next best.

Race#11 Not an easy race but the 5 has the class and the closing figures to be tough to beat. The 8 is next best of the rest and should get a trip. 11 has a shot, but again a terrible post makes it tough for him to win.

My ticket is:  2,3,6,7,9/2/2,6,12/4,5,6,7,8/7,8/5,8,11

Good luck everyone

Santa Anita Pick 5 on Sunday March 5th


This does not happen that often at Santa Anita that the pick 5 gets carried over, but when it does you better take full advantage of it. The base bet is only 50 cents and it is one less leg than the pick 6 and $1.50 cheaper, yes I know, “Captain Obvious” speaking. Plus usually an easier sequence and smaller fields.

We do have smaller fields today, but in today’s case they races are tricky

Race#1 A near bottom claimer at Santa is not a field you can trust. The 3 will be the rabbit and expect him to stop. The 1 is a need the lead horse and won’t get it. Leaves you with 4,5,6, with my choice being the 4.

Race#2 The biggest field in the sequence and I find this race the most handicappable. The 8 has the figures and should get the right trip to be a strong contender. The 2 is very lightly raced but has a figure and a trainer that is good off the layoff. The longshot in the field is the 10, has some solid closing figures and would upset at a big price. After that becomes very wide open.

Race#3 I think the race goes through the 5, should get the right trip and if there is any kind of duel then she wins. If the 3 gets away on the field, then she is the horse to upset the 5

Race#4 My least favourite race in the sequence because the 4,5 are stretching out but do not look like horses that finish that well. The 1,6 have gone the distance but do not impress me much.

Race#5 This is a higher priced maiden claimer, but not a stellar group. Very wide open. The 6 is the expected pace sitter, but might not be able to make the 6 furlongs. The 1 is the closer that could take over late if the two first timers are not much.

I will be playing a few tickets, by keying the 8 in the second and the 5 in the third. Then playing a couple of saver tickets with the 2,10 in the second and the 3 in the third.

Good luck everyone.


Feb. 24th at Tampa Bay


There are only a few tracks running today so both Tampa and Gulfstream will have some bigger pools. The pick 6 at Gulfstream is life changing if you hit on your own, that probably not happening. Also today I thought that Tampa was much more playable for many reasons, including the races coming off the turf. I find people forget that and don’t take that into account as much as they should. There is $32,000 in the pick 5 at Tampa so that is the focus today.

Tampa Race#5 Post time 2:25pm eastern  (They never on time with their post times so it will be later)

Race#5 We open the sequence on a race that comes off the turf, the problem is none of the horses can run on the dirt.  Very tricky to trust any of them. The 2 horse is the obvious horse with some form and has the connections. The 6,7 have their best race, and only good race on the turf. 9 is the longshot that did have an excuse in first two but didn’t run a jump.

Race#6 The race goes through the 6. The cut back, the solid workout makes him the most likely winner. The 3 had the 5 measured throughout the last race they were against each other. The sleeper with the right trip is the 4, if the 6 presses early and doesn’t clear early enough the 4 will be flying late.

Race#7 A possible key in here is the 10. Almost seems the trainer wanted this race to come off the turf. Solid figures, steady works and dropping in class. Should stalk behind the 8 who will stop with any pressure. The 13 gets in being off the turf, but not sure why as all three wins have been on the turf. The 9 if ready could upset, I am going to say not quite ready.

Race#8 A terrible field of off form horses in here. The 2 does have a race two back that makes him a winner. The 3 has back class and a couple of average works and will stalk. The 4 also has back class and can win as well.

Race#9 Lots of scratches really changes this race. Most of the remaining horses are sprinters not milers. The obvious horse is the 2, but why drop after a second place finish. The 10 will improve after a start on the track, as well should drop. The 7 is the one of the true milers and will close late.

Here are my 2 tickets I will be playing:
2,4,6,7,9/6/10/2,3,4/2,7,10      cost $27
2,4,9/3,4/10/2,3,4/2,7,10      cost $27

Good luck to all playing

Jan. 23rd at Santa Anita


The focus today will be at Santa Anita with many other tracks closed due to weather. Yesterdays Santa Anita pick 6 sequence looked extremely tough and I passed hoping for today’s card. I think today’s is playable.

It goes in Race#4 at 5:00pm eastern.

Race#4 This is far from a stellar group of turf horses. The ones that have run are nothing special. The 11 will be the favourite but certainly can be beat, but is a must use. All the others lack any turn of foot. The other horse I am looking at is the 4, can close some ground and that is all that is needed in here. The 8 could be a sleeper as he was bet down on first turf start.

Race#5 There is an expect pace battle early in here, so I see a closer winning this won. The 1  loves Santa and is quite good at seven furlongs. Will be a decent price. Another closer at a price is the 9, if they rate he can win. The favourites are expected to duel each other into submission. The 12 can win right back and is probably best at this distance.

Race#6 Big field but many also runs in here. I could take a bunch but I am good with 3,6,9. All have run on this course before, all have the figures to win. I also think its a nice exacta box.

Race#7 The works on the 8 say “GO”, this horse is primed for a big effort, if keeping your ticket small he is a key. The only other one I would consider would be the 5, sitting on a top effort and could upset the 8.

Race#8 The race goes through 2, horse for course is an understatement. Also this field is much easier than her last one. I do know the 5 has beaten the 2 before but I think the 5 is a on decline and Hollendorfer is struggling a little lately too. Keying the 2

Race#9 A wide open race to end the sequence. Many contenders and with this group, there is a good chance a first timer is winning. The 5 is my first timer I will be using, lots of works for this race. Will be a price. 12 will be the favourite and needs to be much the best to win out from the 12 post, could be a seconditis horse. Is a use though. Others to consider, the 9 will be closing, has the right connections to win. The 8 is a troubled type horse that has an outside shot to win. This is a spread leg.

Good luck everyone.

Dec. 8th at Aqueduct


A very playable pick 6 sequence on Wednesday at Aqueduct. I don’t think you need to play a big ticket to have a decent shot at hitting it.

Aqueduct Race#4 Post time 1:50pm eastern.

Race #4 I think the race goes through #6, should be controlling speed. The works and the trainer/jockey combo gives me confidence the last race is a throw out. If the 6 stops then the 7 will get first run and can win. The expected favourite #1, is the deep closer and on this track I am not the biggest fan.

Race#5 I think the toughest race in the sequence. Clearly based on the morning line prices  the 3 expects to be the big favourite and I think he can easily get beat. There is lots of early pace. The only true closer is the 6, might be to far back, but is a use. The invader from GPW has a shot and as does the 5.

Race#6 Another favourite I do not trust is the 1, is a must use horse on class alone. The 2 is a popular claimed horse so there must be something there. The 7 has the talent but has been scratched many times throughout his career, if healthy can win.

Race#7 The 6 should be the clear early speed and certainly can win. The 1 is an old reliable horse, I am not a big fan but if you are spreading is a possible use. The 9 is a sleeper that could stalk and take over if there is a duel. The 3 might not be fast enough but is the right race shape, he can win too.

Race#8 Only 2 horses in here. The 5 is the layoff horse with potential talent that can win. The 4s best race is on the dirt, a repeat effort she can win too.

Race#9 Is my play of the day. The 5 comes out of a very good field compared to this one. The horse that ran 2nd, came back and ran 2nd in a MSW.  The horse that ran 3rd, won at $40,000 level. The 5 ran relatively even on the outside and has superior figures than the rest in here.

Possible tickets to keep it cheap:
6/3,4,5,6/1,2,7/6/4,5/5              cost: $48.00

Oct. 22 at Santa Anita

by Stretch

If you have ever considered to play a pick 6, today is the day. There is over $300,000 in the carry over pool at Santa Anita. The sequence at Santa is very handicappable and for a small shot you will have a pretty good shot to win it. I really like the sequence, I don’t expect a big score but a win is a win

Santa Anita Race #3  Pick 6      Post time  5:00pm eastern

Race#3 A very important scratch to make for a key to start it off with the 2. Good works, dropping early pace makes him tough to beat.

Race#4 One of the trickiest races in the sequence. The 2,3 are the early pace, if the 3 stalks then one of them will win, if they hook up early, sets it up for others. Sleepers may include the 8 after being bet early in her first start. The first timers would be the 6,7

Race#5 The race goes through the 7, the needed drop gives him a big shot to win. But I do like the 2 with his closing figures a few back at this very course. The 4 ran better than looked in his last.

Race#6 The mostly key or single and the lowest price horse is the 6. You can try and beat him, but you do need a bigger budget.

Race#7 I think there are only two horses in her, the 2,4. My slight lean is to the 4, a little more back class, plus a good jockey change. Will be over bet on the win side, but doesn’t matter in the pick 6.

Race#8 If the 10 clears, he wins. The class drop the speed rider will make him tough. If he falters in the stretch, then look for the closers and they would be the 3,5,8.

Here are a few tickets I will be playing:

Good luck to all


September 20th at Belmont


Clearly the focus will be on the Pick 6 at Belmont with over $600,000 of dead money. It is not an easy sequence but worth at least a small shot at it today.

Belmont Race#4 Pick 6

Race#4 The sequence starts off with the toughest race on the card I think. There should be an early pace battle so the winner will be closing late. The stalker is the 1A who will get first run, the 7,8 are the other closers with a shot. The only early pace type horse with a shot is the 2.

Race#5 A small field and the race shape will determine the winner. A little tricky on figuring out it all out. You need the 1A for sure, I think the 3 is improving with a solid late foot. Could use more but have to take a stand somewhere.

Race#6 Going with the 5,7. The 5 should stalk and take over late. The 7 is the longshot that has a race two back that would win this race.

Race#7 This race features a lot of horses with a winning race, but then lots of inconsistency. I am basing on the horses that have a race on their form that is fast enough to win. The 2,4,6 have the late close I am looking for. Do not trust any of them to key.

Race#8 Based on budget I have to key somewhere and that is the 2 in this race. I think she is getting better and better each time out. Any early pace she wins going away. Others to use a savers are the 1,3

Race#9 The 10 is the horse that needed to make a slight drop, towers above the field with a clean trip.

Possible ticket:  1,2,7,8/1,3/5,7/2,4,6/2/10     cost: $96

September 3rd at Saratoga


A nice little pick 6 carry over at Saratoga. These days it has been extremely tough, but I figure there are a few keys that you can go with that at least gives you a shot at it.

Saratoga Race#5 Pick 6     Post time:  3:12pm eastern

Selections based on the races staying on the turf.

Race#5 The 8 has huge early pace and will try and steal it. The 10 has a few nice angles that is also a must use. The 4 is my longshot that can win if the pace comes back to her.

Race#6 This race is a perfect example of keying a horse when you have a small budget. I am keying the 5, had a troubled trip and may have won with a clean trip. Will be flying late and needed his first start. 10 is the other I could use put would double the ticket. There are so many unknowns in here that if you take three or four horses you may still not get it.

Race#7 Another key but less unknowns in here. The 4 is siting on a win. Has the figures as well. Should get a stalking trip and pounce late. Others to consider that I would use in my late pick 4 ticket would be the 1 and 8. Both have the figures to win it.

Race#8 I do not ever like taking the obvious horse but I am, simply on class and towers over the field if runs two back. The 7 will try and steal it, if need a saver.

Race#9 If the 10 clears, she wins. If 9,10 hook up early it set it up for the 3. Using both

Race#10 I think you only need the 1,10. My slight lean is to the 10. Should be closing late and has nice figures for this level. The 1 with the drop in class makes her a must use as well. I think a solid exacta box.

Here is my small ticket:   4,8,10/5/4/4/3,10/1,10       Cost: $24.00

Good luck

August 24th at Saratoga


I had to find time to post and take a shot at today pick 6 at Saratoga. As if you don’t know, but if not there is over $400,000 carried over today.  I expect well over a million bet into it today. At least a small ticket is required to get in on the action.

Saratoga race#4:    Post time 2:39pm eastern

It is not an easy sequence so unless you have a big group of guys to go in with, I suggest do not go over board. I will be playing the ticket I post but will play pick 3s along the way with other horses that can upset.

Race#4 Opens with a terrible field. The 3,8 will battle early and both stop. The 9 appears to be a closer and does close, but is slow. The unknown horse is the 4 coming off the turf, runs evenly can win.

Race#5 I like the 1 the best. I think the race sets up for her. The 3 has raced against some very good horses and certainly can win. If the 1,3 move to early the 4 can get them late

Race#6 Controlling speed on the rail with the 1 is my key in the sequence. A repeat effort gives him a shot to steal it. If I didn’t key I would also need the 5,8, they will be closing late

Race#7 An extremely tough race and wide open. The 8 should be on or near the lead and will try and steal it. The 7 will stalk and can close late. The 11 gets in from the also eligible list and has the back class to win. The big longshot is the 3, there are some races on his pp. that makes him a winner

Race#8 1,3,4 are the contenders but I think the 3 gets the perfect trip behind the other two and makes her the winner. If spreading I would use all three

Race#9 I think only two horses in here. The 2 will be on the lead and try and steal it. If gets the distance, she  wins. The 3 has very good figures that can run the 2 down.

Here is a possible ticket: 3,4,8,9/1,3/1/3,7,8,11/3/2,3

Good luck

July 29th at Del Mar


Well it is quite obvious where the big money will be bet on Wednesday. Del Mar’s pick 6 should easily hit $3,000,000. My first scan tells me it is not easy. Many unknowns throughout the sequence. Not saying don’t play it but I think your choice is go in a group and play a bigger ticket or go in on your own but keep it small.

Del Mar Race#3  Pick 6     Post time 6:09 eastern

Race#3  The likely favourite will be the 1. If I thought he had any chance of getting a light breather on the front end he would be a key. I doubt it very much he doesn’t get pressure every step of the way, hence need others. The 1 should put away all the other early pace horses so then the best closers are the 4,6. Might be to short but they will be flying late.

Race#4 Wide open race with a few unknowns. I like the equipment change on the 7 because may she can relax a little on the front end. Class drop on the 6 is also a must use. The 3 is the other use horse, take note of the horse she beat (11 horse who then ran a nice race at a higher level)

Race#5 A small field with many unknowns. The 3 will be the favourite, especially after the 7 got scratched. My problem keying the 3 is I am never a fan of taking a horse that has raced on the “B” circuit. Couldn’t win at LRC and usually softer maiden races there. The other problem is all horses on going on the turf and long for the first time. There are no strong trainer angles and even the turf breeding doesn’t jump out at me for the race. Its either an “all” race if spending a bunch or taking the 1 and 3 only.

Race#6 Only the 3,5 should win this. The 1 is scratched and the rest don’t really belong at this level. If I had to key it would be the 3 who is sitting on a win.

Race#7 My longshot of the day is the 7. Has the figures and the closing style to win. The 5 may have the highest beyer on the page but I am all about the last closing fraction. The 10 should be the controlling speed. If spreading its the 5,7,10

Race#8 A race with lots of early pace. The 1 has the rail and the speed so is a must use, but no key. The 2 ran a very nice race last time out and a repeat effort gives him a shot. The 5 is the other closer and could upset at a price. Another price horse is the 9, who fires out early and if clears has a small shot to win.

Here is a possible ticket: 1,4,6/3,6,7/1,3/3/7/1,2,9        cost: $108

A very tough sequence, my guess is a minimum of $20,000 payout.

Good luck everyone, and if/when someone hits send me the ticket. I would like to see how you played it and others I would think too.